Basement Finishing in Thornton, CO

Professional Basement Finishing in Thornton, CO

We’ve all heard of them. Finished basements that look like luxurious apartments. You walk through one and feel a bit of envy. Some Colorado homeowners use basements to host extended family members for months or years, while other homeowners rent them out to friends or strangers. Finally, other homeowners will finish their basement to occasionally entertain guests in style or to have an escape from their regular home on their own private property, to create an area for entertaining, or to build their own extensive workout center. However you want to dress it up, a finished basement adds value to your home and creates more living space. Who doesn’t need these two bonuses of a basement renovation project?

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Total Basement Finishing in Thornton: Create a Brand New Space!

At The Basement Finishers in Thornton, we’ve successfully finished thousands of basements to meet or exceed the standards of our customers and to comply with local building codes. Each basement renovation project is a great opportunity to let our designers and construction specialists shine while pursuing their craft.

Stop Putting Off Basement Finishing in Thornton, CO

With these features built into the project, you and, just maybe, your partner and fellow homeowner, have no reason to keep postponing the goal of finishing your home. Fortunately, The Basement Finishers have once again created all-in-one pricing for a discounted rate and offered it to Thornton, CO residents and property owners. If you own single-family homes in the Denver area and rent them out to individuals and families, this special pricing could be the perfect upgrade for each home in your real estate portfolio. A completed basement is definitely a reason to justify increasing the rent for current tenants or advertising a higher monthly rent for future tenants. Adding more square footage under air to an existing home never hurts. 

Solving the Diverse Needs of Homeowners 

Before you spend thousands of dollars on upgrading your home, it’s important to interview different home renovation contractors in Thornton. Many companies claim to perform home renovations at the subterranean level, but our company specializes in designing and building this type of home improvement project. You know that a full basement remodel will create more space. This project also has the potential to accomplish multiple objectives, especially for growing families and adults without kids or with grown children. Imagine that your finished basement could take on one of many modern themes:

  • A sports bar
  • A mini dance club
  • A music studio
  • A ballet room
  • A home office
  • A movie projection room
  • An instrument practice room for a music teacher.

Our Full Basement Refinishing Special

For the amazing price of $36,335, you could completely finish 850 sq. feet of space. This amount will help you secure large Media / Recreation areas with recessed lighting, all building permits, a bedroom with closet, a full bathroom with tiled shower walls and bath floor, an elongated toilet, a vanity, Moen or Delta faucets, and the costs of all materials and labor to meet code. Book your estimate now and take advantage of our basement finishing special. This is a limited time offer, so it’s important to get your name on the list and transform your home today.

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